Terms of Trade

1. Hives will be supplied on an availability basis. All reasonable attempts will be made to supply, but as the rearing takes 8-10 weeks it is impossible to always predict demand.

2. Hives are warranted as capable of pollination. As pollination is greatly affected by environmental factors, pollination itself cannot be guaranteed.

It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor pollination regularly. If the customer considers the rate of pollination is inadequate and / or that there is a danger of poor fruit set the customer must immediately advise Biobees Ltd and institute alternative methods of pollination.

Should any pollination problems arise Biobees Ltd will provide its support to seek a remedy to the situation.

3. All invoices are due for payment by the 20th of the month following date of invoice or dispatch. If payment falls overdue any discount given may be removed. Biobees Ltd also reserves the right to remove any hive not paid for by the due date.

Biobees Ltd reserves the right to with-hold supply until any outstanding accounts are paid.

4. It is the responsibility of the customer to advise workers and visitors with respect to health and safety factors when using bumble bees. Biobees Ltd will supply guidelines but accepts no liability or responsibility in respect to the health and safety of the customer or the customer's workers and visitors.

5. Biobees Ltd accepts no liability for any costs or damages arising from inadequate pollination or the introduction or use of bumble bees on any particular property.

6. Unless otherwise arranged, Biobees Ltd meets the cost of freight and carrier's liability insurance. All hives and colonies must be inspected by the customer immediately on arrival and before use and any claims concerning the condition of a hive or colony on delivery must be notified to Biobees Ltd before noon on the day following delivery and confirmed in writing by fax or registered mail within two working days of delivery. Any claims not so notified will not be valid.