Demand was very high last spring with some late orders missing out.

Biobees is urging all growers to get in touch early this year to secure your order.

We prioritise our scheduled orders and may not be able to fulfill last minute needs so don't treat bumblebees like a last minute weather fix as these take 8+ weeks to produce! Make them a part of your plans for each season and see your orchard productivity stabilise.

Please contact us directly or speak early with your Horticentre rep. about your needs this season.


Maintaining the perfect hive temperature costs the bees in time and effort. When insulation is inadequate, more bees will stay at home for thermoregulation duties potentially wasting precious daylight hours.

Using our new insulated outer equates to greater bee activity throughout the life of the hive, and better pollination outcomes for your crop!

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  • Key Benefits of Bumblebees

    Bumblebees are exceptionally good at what they do, better in many respects than honeybees. Scientists believe that 200 bumblebees are comparable to 10,000 honeybees in some crops!

  • Biology & Life-Cycle

    Bumblebees have a different survival strategy to honeybees. Learn about the history of Bombus terrestris in New Zealand, their biology and how their life-cycle works.

  • What's All the Buzz About?

    Bumblebees are "buzz pollinators", they literally buzz the pollen out of flowers! Honeybees don't do it but it is important for the pollination of many crops and vital for the tomato industry!