Icon Acknowledgements

All the icons found in the pollination pages were sourced from the noun project (https://thenounproject.com)

List of icon designers
Sprouts Agne Alesiute
KiwifruitBlueberry Anbileru Adaleru
Flower small Anthony Bresset
Pear Anthony Lui
ApricotRaspberry Arthur Shlain
Apple Blake Thompson
Buckwheat Boris Belov
TomatoWatermelon Clockwise
Avocado Danielle Garbouchian
Onion Erin Battersby
Orchard small Eugene Dobrik
Capsicum Faye Albayda
Greenhouse small Gemma Garner
Clover Het Mes
Courgette Leadway Global LLC
Eggplant Mario Bieh
Almond Matthew Brinkley
Brassicapumpkin Michael Czekala
Plum Nikita Kozin
CurrantsPeach Oliviu Stoian
Carrot Plainicon
Birdsfoot S. Salinas
Cherry SlideGenius
Order shashank singh

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