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This hive should be used in commercial greenhouse environments (greater than 1000m2) or in outdoor crops with flowering periods greater than 4 weeks.

$168.95 per hive to the North Island, includes GST and freight to urban addresses.
$174.27 per hive to the South Island, includes GST and freight to urban addresses.
Add an additional $6.33 (includes GST) for rural deliveries per package (up to 4 hives per package).

Bumblebees are exceptional pollinators, in many aspects superior to honeybees.
Ideal for pollinating a wide variety of fruiting plants including avocados, blueberries, courgettes, eggplants, melons, passionfruit, persimmons, pumpkin, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes and many more! Please visit our pollination section for commercial pollination information or contact us directly.

The hive contains an active queen, her workers (approx. 80) and developing brood. If you intend to use this hive outdoors, we recommend you read our outdoor pollination checklist, and provide the hive with some additional shelter or a wooden housing to protect it from rain, as the packaging is not weather resistant. Alternatively, if purchasing two hives, a twin hive weather resistant outer can be purchased for an additional $9.60.

The hive is supplied at an early stage in its development. The bees will follow their natural life-cycle, the hive will develop in strength before eventually declining in numbers and ultimately ceasing to exist. Nearing the end of the hive's life, many new queens should be produced, these will hopefully take up residence in your area the following season. 

Bumblebees are usually more docile than honeybees, hence the misconception that they can't sting. It is important to note that they are capable of stinging and will do so if threatened. Please visit our safety section for more information.
For those interested in commercial pollination of outdoor crops with short pollination periods (3 weeks or less), we recommend you consider our turbo hive option. 


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