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  • Higher quality fruit
  • Higher quality fruit
  • Higher quality fruit
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New Zealand’s only specialist producer of commercial bumblebee hives

We are a kiwi company, providing natural and efficient pollination of
New Zealand food crops. Our bumblebees mean that New Zealand
produce is able to compete at local and global markets, and that the consumer
receives the highest quality fruits, vegetables and seeds at the best possible
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We produce and sell bumblebees.

If you have a bumblebee nest that you want removed, please contact your local beekeepers' club, this is not an activity we are engaged in.bb-quote-grey-close

Biobees Team


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About us

New Zealand's only specialised producer of bumblebee hives for pollination services.

Bumblebees are our trade!

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Ph: (022) 039 9327
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